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How to Derive vCPMs for Viewable Ads
Sep 24, 2014
calculate vCPMsAn impotent concept to understand is vCPMs for viewable impressions often won't depend on ad placement.  A viewable impression is simply a viewable impression, and arguably vCPM pricing should be consistent regardless of where on a page an impression view occurs.  To use Adosia's platform to derive a good estimate for vCPM, follow these simple steps:

  1. As Adosia automatically optimizes traditional CPM campaigns by only loading ads once they can be viewable (once a user scrolls to the ad's position on a page), the first step is to place an Adosia ad widget above the fold so the ads are displayed immediately upon page load.  Make sure the widget is configured to only display one ad per batch load, and limit the total batch deliveries to just a single batch (you can specify these details when generating your ad widget tags).

  2. After running the above configuration for some time, check the viewability rates recorded by running a report for the target timeframe within your Adosia Publisher Network account panel.

  3. Take this average viewability rate and use it in one of the formulas listed above (technique #5) to calculate your vCPM.

  4. Repeat Steps 1-3 above from time-to-time using A/B test methods to segment a small amount of traffic for the sample test in order to recalculate vCPMs.
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