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Stop Redirect Ads from Hijacking Visitors
Sep 21, 2015
Optimizing inventory fill rates can be a tricky balance between maximizing revenue while minimizing the risk of substandard ads. Often to achieve our revenue goals, we must deploy many third-party partner solutions in parallel (and each of those partners doing the same). This results in a somewhat naive reliance on a vast and complex ecosystem having numerous potential entry points for malicious or unfriendly display advertisements to creep on to a web page.

A majority of these culprit ads simply aim to hijack your users by redirecting them to the mobile app store (immediately and without user permission) in attempt to influence a malicious app download or non-malicous app purchase. While other bad ads may only redirect desktop users, the previous scenario where only mobile users are being targeted is more likely.

Preventing these ads from slipping through is fairly straightforward. The first step we recommend taking is to split out your tags for each placement into separate mobile and desktop chains (300x250 is the most important ad size to address). Though Adosia tags are capable of doing this automatically, the same can be accomplished with a little fancy development. The end result should be a single tag that loads the correct ad chain based on whether the site visitor is using a mobile or desktop platform, for example:

increase ad viewability case study

The trick is simple. All you need to do is keep your mobile tag chain floors above $0.35 - $0.45. The culprit advertisers won't bid higher that that on the exchanges.

Publishers can then set a passback tag at the end of that chain using a solid CPC partner to offset any potential loss in mobile CPM revenue.
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