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a publisher's RPM toolkit
to increase ad revenue
and placement performance

Multi-bid offers all the advantages of header bidding, but without the technical hassle or page load latency
As the digital advertising ecosystem continues to expand, more and more low-tech malicious ads aim to redirect your users to their malicious web sites or app store download pages without permission. Here are a few tips to filter out these bad ads.
Adosia recently conducted a case study designed to measure the impact of purchasing viewable impressions below the fold.
The transition to offer viewable impression inventory entails viable uncertainties for publishers. As overall inventory is expected to decrease with offering viewable impressions, this post highlights how publishers can significantly increase ad revenues.
Publishers can easily and cost-effectively determine the cost per thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) to charge advertisers for their viewable inventory based on current CPMs and a few powerful tools included with your Adosia Publisher Network account.