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Adosia Team
technical services
choosing the right technology partner is the most important decision for any initiative
Hiring the wrong technology partner is devastating. Adosia doesn't simply write or review code - we architect secure and scalable solutions.  This provides a peace of mind that reassures our clients their product development or blockchain solution initiatives are delivered as viable market-ready solutions.
Smart Contract Audits - Ethereum Smart Contract Auditing / Solidity Review
Adosia provides comprehensive, rigorous and independent audits of Ethereum smart contracts. An Ethereum Smart Contract audit is the process of carefully investigating the smart contract's Solidity code, with the purpose of finding bugs, risks and vulnerabilities prior to the code being deployed to the Ethereum Main Network.

Upon verifying a smart contract against known issues and vulnerabilities, Adosia then validates the contract logic performs as intended and that no security issues exist.

All smart contract audits include gas optimization analysis to eliminate unnecessary Ethereum transaction fees.

All smart contract audits yield a detailed audit report as a certification that the smart contract has undergone a rigorous audit.  Adosia provides ground-up Solidity development services as well.
Investor Advisement Report - Blockchain Project Review for Technical Viability
While cryptocurrency or blockchain projects may appear as great investment opportunities exhibiting viable market potential, more often than not certain projects lack a core technical viability to actually achieve market success.  Adosia helps provide blockchain project investors with peace of mind.

For a small fee Adosia will conduct a high-level model and architecture assessment review outlining the technical and market viability of a target blockchain project. Project assessment reviews are delivered in the form of a 1-2 page opinion report.
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