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Viewable Impressions & Viewability Optimization

viewable inventory offers a smart solution for smart advertisers
Advertiser Network Features - Adosia Display Advertising
Supported Ad Types
*additional standards available
Medium Rectangle
Ad Standard
300 x 250
Ad Standard
180 x 250
Wide Skyscraper
Ad Standard
160 x 600
Half Page
Ad Standard
300 x 600
Viewable Impressions
Ad View Optimization
Additional Advertiser Network Features  
Viewable Impressions / Viewable Inventory to Optimize Campaign ROI:
Ad View Optimization - Ads Only Load if and when they could be Viewable Impressions:
Ad View Optimization - Hold Trailing Ads in Place to Increase Exposure:
Ad View Optimization - Initiate Smart Alternative Mode when Inbound Links Point to HTML Anchors:
Track Ad Impressions, Measure Viewable Impressions, Viewability Rates, Clicks and Conversions:
Characterize Ad and Campaign View Rates and Performance for Individual Publisher Domains:
Real-Time Ad Targeting on AJAX (continuously scrolling) Content:
Real-Time Ad Targeting on Static Content:
Sophisticated Ad & Campaign Creation, Scheduling & Management:
Activity Reports by Ad, Campaign and Publisher Domains:
Priority Email Support:
Priority Phone Support:
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