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Ad Startup Adosia Launches Platform to Increase Ad Viewability up to 95%:  Resolves major industry problem:

Tempe, Arizona - Feb 25, 2014 - It's no secret over half of all display ad impressions delivered are never viewed. With this unsettling reality sinking in with advertisers, internet publishers are under increasing pressure to guarantee ad viewability. Before now, such technology didn't exist.

Ad tech startup Adosia has responded by introducing a platform that unobtrusively increases ad views up to 95%.  Adosia's technology only displays viewable ads - and reports those ads as viewed once certain metrics are met.

Advertisers are able to boost campaign ROI while benefiting from characterization of publisher viewability.

Adosia dynamically maximizes ad real-estate for publishers by loading new ads as users scroll down a page.

"As an unseen ad can never convert, the online advertising industry has been faced with the extremely difficult challenge of enhancing ad viewability - our platform delivers far greater results with more complete data needed to drive highly informed decisions like never before," states Kyle Solomon, CEO, Adosia.

About Adosia

Adosia is a high-tech company that develops and deploys robust cutting-edge online advertising solutions for various business and market segments.  The company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona.


Kyle Solomon - CEO Adosia