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Frequently Asked Questions

According to IAB recommendation, an impression is considered viewable once at least 50% of an ad's pixels are within view for at least one continuous second.

It's estimated only ~30% of all impressions delivered are actually viewed.

Purchasing viewable impressions (vCPM) guarantees advertisers pay only for the impressions actually seen by web visitors.

This translates into significantly greater campaign performance and ROI, while providing the highest accuracy in click-through and conversion data.

Not at all. Viewable Impressions are great for everyone.

Marketers' ability to purchase digital media campaigns billed strictly on viewable impressions is a relatively new and extremely powerful tool now becoming more readily available to advertisers. As such, publishers are undergoing increasing pressure to supply viewable inventory.

In offering viewable impressions to advertisers, though any given publisher's overall billable inventory will likely decrease, the overall revenues generated are expected to increase as significant premiums are associated with viewable impression inventory when compared to traditional CPM inventory.

Offering Viewable Impressions significantly increases advertiser demand for your inventory while increasing overall publisher revenues (viewable impressions entail a significant premium over traditional CPM rates).

The display advertising industry is expected to ultimately migrate entirely towards a viewability impression model (leaving traditional CPM behind).

Publishers embracing viewable impression models today will benefit far more than those who delay their adoption of viewable impressions.

Very few Advertiser Networks actually offer integrated technology sufficient to enable marketers the unique ability to purchase viewable impressions.

Adosia is unique as we have successfully integrated viewable impression purchasing capabilities into a traditional advertiser / publisher network model.

Adosia's Ad View Optimization Technology was created to essentially a bridge the gap between the traditional CPM billing model and a viewable impression billing model.

By default, Adosia's Ad View Optimization enhances the viewability rates on traditional CPM campaigns by only loading ads if and when they have the opportunity to be viewable.

For example, Adosia Ads placed below the fold will only load once a visitor scrolls to a position where they ad could be viewed.

By selectively loading ads based on user scroll position in comparison with ad placement, Adosia effectively eliminates advertiser concern regarding ad placement when purchasing standard CPM campaigns.

Adosia's standard CPM campaigns with Ad View Optimization typically achieve viewability rates between 85-95% regardless of ad placement... a significant improvement traditional CPM viewability!

A passback tag is simply a piece of ad code provided to you from a third-party network. Publishers typically provide Adosia with their own passback tag which is placed behind Adosia in the Publisher's ad tag chain.