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create custom WiFi control systems in minutes
free cloud iot platform
how it works
+ create your devices
engage a wonderland of WiFi building blocks and test the limits of your own creativity.  Use open ESP8266 hardware and sensors or visit Adosia's IoT Store to choose compatible IoT sensors, WiFi subassemblies and accessories
+ connect your devices
use your mobile phone to connect Adosia-ready WiFi hardware to your WiFi network so it can communicate with the Adosia IoT Platform. Login to your Adosia account to authorize and activate your new IoT control devices
+ configure your devices
use the Adosia IoT Platform to setup and schedule device operating profiles, create sensor triggers and customize alert preferences. With thousands of potential configurations, imagination is your limit
what you can do
the platform
Adosia's IoT (Internet-of-Things) platform ignites creativity by enabling complete remote customization over thousands of possible WiFi device configuration combinations. Adosia is a cloud WiFi platform enabling open hardware with ever-expanding remote capabilities:
  • • configure and deploy customized WiFi control automation applications within minutes
  • • remote setup, control, management and monitoring for all connected devices
  • • customize triggers and trigger groups for motor/switch channels, digital io channels and analog sensors
  • • activate components on cycle, by trigger, set to be always on, on daily schedule or on daily frequency
  • • expanding sensor support currently includes moisture sensors, light sensors, motion detectors, temperature sensors, relays, water level sensor switches, digital inputs, gas sensors, sound sensors and more
  • • high-end dashboard with device status, profile management, alerts and history reporting
base Adosia IoT WiFi module
base device
Adosia's base WiFi module is essentially an ESP8266-based WEMOS D1 R2 WiFi baseboard paired with the Adosia SPACE IO board and supporting binary to connect the device to the Adosia IoT Platform.

Adosia SPACE IO boards and DIY SPACE IO board panels can be purchased from the Adosia IoT Store

Instructions and code to flash your own WEMOS D1 R2 or WEMOS D1 Mini WiFi boards so they connect to the Adosia IoT Platform can be found here
Adosia SPACE IO board features
  • • x2 independent switch channels for running small dc motors, water pumps, air pumps, valves, electric deadbolt locks, LED strips and more
  • • x2 independent io channels for switching outputs such as relays and alarm buzzers (output mode), or enabling input sensors such as motion detectors, vibration or tilt sensors, magnet sensors, sounds sensors and push button switches (input mode)
  • • x2 independent input channels for mix-and-match choice of temperature sensors or water level sensor switches (support for more sensors coming)
  • • x1 analog sensor - the Adosia IoT platform currently supports a soil moisture sensor, a gas/smoke sensor, a light sensor or a sound sensor
what you might build with a base module:
  • •  self-watering pot with LED strip lighting and message alert on low water level
  • •  personal cultivation setup that waters on soil moisture and monitors temperature
  • •  tent cultivation setup with scheduled watering and temperature + lighting monitoring
  • •  hidden switch lock cabinet with message alert on access/entry
  • •  automatic dog water bowl refill with message alert on refill
  • •  hydroponic system with water reservoir temperature monitor and alerts
  • •  portable / temporary remote plant monitoring and automated watering system
  • •  jewelry box / safe tamper alarm with message alerts on box movement
  • •  remote rain detector with rain notification alert
  • •  simple plant feeder system that waters on low soil moisture (~4-6 plants)
  • •  chicken feeder with custom feeding schedules
  • •  aquarium setups with filter pumps, air stones, custom lighting and temperature alerts
  • •  smoke detector with trigger alarm and alert message notification
base module + motion detector
base device + motion detector
add a motion detector to drastically expand capability:
  • • convenience and lighting applications
  • • resource protection applications
  • • security and monitoring applications
  • • pranks and practical jokes
what you might build using a motion detector:
  • •  add motion detect action to everything the base module can do, plus:
  • •  motion controlled appliances and electronics
  • •  hidden silent motion detect sentry
  • •  remote plant grow room monitor with notifications
  • •  self watering pot with discrete IO trigger to external camera on motion detect
  • •  motion detect room / garage access sentry with alarm and alert message
  • •  physical mail arrival detector (inside mailbox) with alert message
  • •  motion activated household lighting (walkways, overhead stove, etc)
  • •  motion activated water sprayers to mitigate garden pests
  • •  motion activated fan to blow Snap N' Pops across the floor as prank (bwahaha)
  • •  motion activated Christmas tree lights with automatic tree watering
base module + relay
base device + relay
use digital outputs to add x2 independent relays for high current (15A @ 120VAC) switching:
  • • scheduled lighting or appliance activation
  • • advanced hydroponic & garden applications
  • • advanced plant cultivation applications
  • • industrial monitoring, control & triggering
what you might build using dual independent relays:
  • •  add AC switching to everything the base module can do, plus:
  • •  advanced plant feeder with scheduled lighting, automated watering & reservoir refill
  • •  advanced plant feeder with reservoir temperature monitor / fan trigger, automated watering & reservoir refill
  • •  industrial natural gas monitor with alerts and high-current peripheral switching
  • •  lighting system activated when environment changes to low light
base module + relay + motion
base module + relay + motion
use one digital IO (as output) to add x2 parallel relays for high current (15A @ 120VAC) switching and the other digital IO (as input) to add motion detect support:
  • • parallel high power / AC relay switching
  • • motion-detect triggering
  • • industrial monitoring, control & triggering
what you might build using relays with a motion detector:
  • •  add motion action & AC switching to everything the base module can do, plus:
  • •  advanced plant feeding system with scheduled motion detect monitoring
  • •  motion activated fan to blow Snap N' Pops across the floor as prank (bwahaha)
  • •  motion activated Christmas tree lights with automatic tree watering
  • •  motion activated super booby traps
base module + natural gas sensor
base module + natural gas sensor + buzzer
use a configurable analog natural gas sensor with a buzzer alarm (digital IO as output) to create a wide variety of alarms:
  • • remote atmospheric monitoring
  • • action triggers on gas level
  • • custom warnings and alarms
  • • redundant safety
what you might build using a natural gas sensor and alarm:
  • •  WiFI smoke detector alarms with alerts
  • •  C02 level monitor with alarm and alert
  • •  natural gas detector alarms
  • •  methane / propane / butane alarms
  • •  WiFi fart detectors (bwahaha)
  • • remote setup and custom automation
  • • monitor anywhere from the web
  • • on-demand manual remote triggering
  • • unlimited device operating profiles
  • • upgrade subscription or use tokens
  • • connect devices and win ADO tokens
  • • refer users and earn ADO tokens


fast IoT check-ins

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  • connect up to 2 IoT devices
  • 2-hour check-in intervals
  • 7-day device history reporting
  • dashboard device alerts
  • limited 3rd party advertisements
  • the perfect introductory package
  • 1x multiplier on ADO token lotteries


fastest IoT check-ins

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plan features may be subject to future changes.
  • connect up to 20 IoT devices
  • 10-minute check-in intervals
  • 90-day device history reporting
  • dynamic profile scheduling
  • daily + medium + high priority alerts
  • no 3rd party advertisements
  • 5x multiplier on ADO token lotteries