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viewable impressions and increase ad viewabilityUnparalleled Innovation in Online Advertising

Adosia Publisher Network

Features & Benefits
viewable impression ad widgetAd Delivery Plug-In
Adosia's viewable impressions will boost advertiser demand for your viewable inventory while increasing overall display advertising revenues generated.  Joining the Adosia Publisher Network enables you to differentiate your inventory with viewable impressions and earn higher advertising revenues

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dynamically content aware ads

Content-Aware Ad Delivery

Adosia delivers content-aware ads in real-time, within both static and dynamic environments, providing the utmost relevance to your audience

grow online ad revenue

Multiply Viewable Ad Inventory

Adosia increases viewable impressions up to 10-20+ times while unobtrusively drawing your visitors' attention to your ads

increase ad space

Maximize Viewable Real Estate

Adosia dynamically populates ads "below the fold" as vistors scroll downwards to optimize revenue from every pixel in the viewport

scrolling advertising applications

Endless Applications

Place alongside static content, infinite AJAX feeds, user comment areas, or replace user-deterring slideshows with vertical scrollshows

high paying publisher network

50% Revenue Share

Earn a minimum 50% revshare payout on PPI, PPV and PPC ad revenues generated by your web sites' visitor traffic

ad plugins

Seamless Integration

The infini ad widget seamlessly transforms your existing web sites into high-performing viewable impression revenue powerhouses

 Grow Display Advertising Revenue:
attract more advertisers
Attract Quality Premium Advertisers
Optimize Revenues Below-the-Fold
Increase Ad View Rates up to 95%
Deliver up to 10x+ More Impressions
Effortlessly Monetize Unsold Ad Space
 Total Content Control:
Open Model - Specify Restricted Advertisers
Restricted Model - Whitelist Advertisers
Support CPM, vCPM and/or CPC
Floor Pricing - by Ad Type and Ad Size

Custom Backfills & Passback Support

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Easy Setup - Integrate within Minutes
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No Monthly Subscription or Setup Fees
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